Lethal. Dose with Caution!

Lethal. Dose with Caution!

Lethal Mezcal Alcohol

Killer Taste

The bold, smooth, smoky profile of this 90 proof artisanal mezcal is a taste that a true connoisseur craves.  Our skilled Mezcaleros have crafted an earthy, fire roasted smoke infused flavor that is an acquired taste worthy of the most sensitive palette.  The killer taste begs that you dose with caution!

Lethal Mezcal Mountain

What’s the secret?

The crystal spring clear water found in the mountains of Oaxaca nurtures the Espadin agave plants that our 4th generation maestro mezcalero hand selects to use in the age-old artisanal, small batch signature mezcal we call Lethal.

Mezcal is an acquired taste, but a taste worth acquiring.


Lethal Mezcal Agave

4th Generation Crafted

The centuries old method of baking the agave over mesquite wood in a river rock lined earthen pit delivers and experience that one could only call Lethal as it awakens the soul and some say the dead.

Aztec goddess of Mezcal, Mayahuel.

What’s a Lethal Mezcal Margarita?

It’s the cousin to the tequila margarita. Mezcal is similar to tequila but has a fire roasted smoky profile similar to an aged Scotch. It has a more complex taste compared to tequila and it makes an absolutely amazing margarita!

Lethal Bloody Margarita Margarita Recipe

Note From Our CEO

At Lethal Mezcal we support the creativity of Mixologists around the world who use their talents to excite the taste buds of consumers. We strive to provide those artists with tools to be successful with their expressions. Lethal was made for Mixologists and we hope you enjoy the effort we put into our process to make you a great tasting mezcal that compliments your creations.

CEO, Sean's Signature

Sean Ryan
CEO, Lethal Mezcal