Lethal Mezcal

Our Craft

Spring water fed 100% Espadin Agave

Our 4th generation Mezcaleros select only the best spring water fed Espadin agave from the mountain ranges of Oaxaca Mexico to put into Lethal.

Step One Process

Step 1

Agave is roasted in river stone fire pits

100% Espadin agave is place in river stone pits, covered and carefully smoked for 5-7 days. The roasted agave are hand chopped and crushed using a Tahone.

Step Two Process

Step 2

Fresh mountain air fermentation

Fermentation can take up to a week for the fresh mountain air to naturally convert the sugars into alcohol.

Step Three Process

Step 3

Naturally distilled over an open fire

Lethal is double distilled by our 4th generation master distiller to ensure a perfect 90 proof mezcal every time.

Step Four Process

Step 4

Signature black bottle

Lethal’s bottle was selected because it represents the danger of drinking something that tastes so good.

Step Five Process

Step 5


Lethal Mezcal is committed to sustainability through natural farming practices and recycled water usage. Even the leaves cut from the agave plants are used back in the fields to support healthy cultivation of future plants.

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