Lethal Mezcal

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About Lethal Mezcal

Mezcal is a drink steeped in ritualistic traditions that celebrates every aspects of one’s life from birth to death. For those who imbibe it is said that it can produce a hallucinogenic effect revealing one’s many faces and personalities.

Using ancient practices our Maestro Mezcalero carefully selects the finest agave plants grown high in the Oaxacan mountains in the rich soil nurtured by natural spring water and crystal clean air.

Lethal Mezcal is crafted in small batches to deliver an authentic smokey flavor with a rich body and aroma that is perfect served neat, in a cocktail or over ice in our legendary Lethal Margarita™.

Adorning every bottle is the spirit of a fearless Aztec warrior whose gaze reminds all that fear is a state of mind, but one should still “dose with caution”.


Aztec goddess of Mezcal, Mayahuel.

Tequila is to wake the living.
Mezcal is to wake the dead.

John P. McEvoy